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12 Sep

i smile and get nervous when she’s by me im so attracted to her I can’t stop thinking I just want her she likes all the same bands, music, style and everything.she’s so kind and funny and she likes me too yet I don’t know if she’s bi if gay or straight idek nobody knows that I’m attracted to girls nobody would believe me im only 12.I just responded to the people in front of me the way I truly felt.” Her asserting her current “gayness” as a choice has offended some gay activists, but perhaps others are right when they say sexuality is indeed a fluid thing, and attraction knows no gender.

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I am completely the same person and I was not walking around in some fog.90% bi - I have a crush on a boy I go to school with and do Roller Skating with, and my best friend likes him too, but suddenly this year, I've started imagining dating a girl, and kissing my best friend too, I know i'm bi, but I'm just so scared to come out and tell my parents and my brothers because my brothers make fun of people that are Lesbian and bi so I know they would make fun of me, and my best friend would sort of just laugh then not take it seriously bc we're quite bubbly and it would get around the whole school in legit like 10 minutes so idk what to do should I tell anyone?xoxo I'm eighty percent bisexual, I might be pan but definitely bisexual.As Tom Ford once controversially called it, “heteroflexibility.” But before you sound the death knell for exclusive female heterosexuality, consider the results of a study by Dr. Chivers of the University of Indiana, who measured female sexual response to a variety of videotaped stimuli‑intercourse, masturbation, nudity‑featuring men, women, men and women, men and men, women and women.She found that self-declared straight women responded equally, physiologically speaking, to the images, meaning they were turned on by depictions of all kinds of sex.