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That company is PICI, Physicians Insurance Company of Indiana. Because PICI is committed to providing Indiana physicians with the best possible coverage at the lowest possible rates throughout their medical careers. This report triggered an investigation which uncovered fur- ther cases, leading to the initiation of a large scale immunization program at the school.

Indiana physicians dominate the company’s board of directors and serve on budget, claims and underwriting committees. The prompt reporting of the initial case by this private physician un- doubtedly resulted in the prevention of a number of measles cases which other- wise would have occurred.

“They had been pruning trees back and tying overhead cables to make it safe for access.

Then the first day the crane goes onto the site this happens,” he said.

You are guaranteed input on company activities, through your physician members of the company’s board and its committees. Through PICI, you also receive competitively priced auto, homeowners, office protection and personal umbrella coverages, designed and offered with the same long term commitment. f PHV/icifln/ m/ufiflnc E compnnv of in Dinri R 3901 West 86th Street Suite 350 P. SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES CME: The Chest Radiograph as a Screening Tool: A Reappraisal 753 Maternal Mortality in Indiana: A Report of Maternal Deaths in 1983 . .773 Continuously Available Lidocaine Measurements . | of a communicable disease resulted in the prevention of new cases which otherwise would have occurred. December 1985 Indiana Medicine 1 1 33 PHYSICIANS’ DIRECTORY VASCULAR DIAGNOSTICS Mobile vascular laboratory service State of the art non-invasive vascular testing Performed on site at various hospitals throughout central Indiana. Direct visualization (Real-time B-mode ultrasound). Yearly subscription rates: domestic, Canada, foreign. Knowledge of rabies prevalence in an area is im- portant in making decisions about postexposure prophylaxis. For information regarding examination sites and patient scheduling call (317) 872-4129, outside of Indianapolis call 1 -800-662-5367. Thirdly, a surveillance program can provide information necessary in order to make appropriate decisions regard- ing prophylactic treatment. Vince Moran, operations director at the Canal & River Trust, said: “First and foremost I am thankful that the driver or anyone nearby wasn’t injured.“When planning and undertaking heritage repairs to any of our waterways we take steps to ensure that they meet stringent safety measures.