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23 Mar

And then you have the other side of the stick – where you do get invited out, but it always ends awkwardly.For example, being at a table full of couples and having someone bring up the topic of your singledom, only to be followed by a room full of sympathetic faces and offers of match-making.But in fact, in mid-life it really isn’t age which matters.

For instance, finding that you are invited to a lot less social events because your friends and their partners like to have ‘couple friends’ over, and you no longer fit the description.

Some women also have worries about the idea of going for a younger man, especially if they have children.

They fear the social stigma that will come with this – that their families or friends will think less of them because of it.

The first issue is that people often lie about their age on online dating websites in order to appear more attractive, meaning you can never really tell what age someone actually is.

But what middle-aged women are also finding is that often men around their age who they are interested in on online dating websites seem to only want to go for younger women.