Adult internet chat jobs

29 Sep

Work-at-home scams have been around for decades, but in the past few years, the Federal Trade Commission has seen the number of complaints nearly double.

Two glaring red flags: jobs touted via email that promise to pay more than you ever dreamed, and firms that charge you a fee to obtain more information about a job.

Others use third-party companies that then hire home-based workers.

In addition to Sykes, other virtual call center operators include Convergys, Live Ops, Arise and Working Solutions.

Rather, Booley is employed by Sykes Home, a call center service headquartered in Tampa.

You'll need to toggle seamlessly among several computer screen windows at a time. The solitary work demands a good dose of "get up and go" and discipline to keep from being distracted.

And don't skimp on buying a comfortable, ergonomically safe chair and headset.

"Thanks to the plan, I'm now rebuilding my nest egg," Booley says.

"I absolutely love it," she says of her work-at-home job. I feel like I'm my own boss, and I can fall out of bed and go to work in seconds." Working at home has a nice ring to it — sometimes, too nice.