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29 Nov

If you're concerned about being denied entry, contact an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia before departing for Indonesia.Decisions of Indonesian immigration officials are final. If travelling on an Emergency Passport, you'll only be allowed to enter Indonesia if you have a visa from an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia.Eight people were killed, including the terrorists.Indonesian police have since made a large number of arrests of suspected terrorists.Security at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and at the Consulates-General in Bali and Makassar remains at a high level.Staff and families need to be careful when travelling to and from the Embassy.

The period of your stay is calculated from the day you arrive. You'll be fined for each additional day you stay in Indonesia beyond your visa.Terrorists have previously attacked or planned to attack: Suicide attacks have occurred in places frequently visited by foreigners, with many killed or injured.Examples: 20 Bali bombings; 2004 bomb attack outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Examples: 2009 bombing at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and JW Marriott Hotel in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta; 2003 attack on JW Marriott Hotel.Attacks could occur anywhere, anytime, including at locations frequented by Westerners.Example: On 14 January 2016, terrorists attacked a Starbucks Cafe and police post in Central Jakarta, detonating bombs and exchanging gunfire.