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18 Nov

My short-term memory is not that incredible; talking to me is a little bit like talking to Dory from "Finding Nemo."''I had to go through a couple months of really painful adjustments, so that way I could get my neck strong enough to be able to help pull the vertebra back into the place [it] needed to be in,' Wagner says of the work that went into getting her back on the ice.

Its hard enough to perform these routines on ice, but Wagner has an added hurdle as a result of her concussions.

It was bad enough that I would suffer from full-on body tremors, I could barely walk, I couldn't even speak through them.

I would have heart palpitations.' Wagner explained.'I just felt trapped in my body,' she added.

'I was worried that this was a lifestyle that I was just going to have to adjust to.

It's a ridiculous amount of force.''I'm in the air for 0.7 seconds, but I am hyperaware enough that, if a jump is off, I know where to put my hands and how I can safely get out of it.

At this point, I've been professionally falling for 21 years.'After Wagner's 2009 concussion she went to every specialist she could to figure out what was happening to her body.

Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner has opened up about her debilitating battle with concussions while posting naked for ESPN's The Body Issue.'I have suffered about five concussions.

Back in 2009 I received a concussion from a really bad fall in which I fell onto my back and my neck snapped and my head hit the ice' Wagner, 26 told ESPN The Magazine.'My body started to shut down on me entirely.