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09 Aug

List five ways in which you are, after all, quite difficult to live with?A good partnership is not so much one between two healthy people (there aren’t many of these on the planet), it’s one between two demented people who have had the skill or luck to find a non-threatening conscious accommodation between their relative insanities, in large part because they have a good grasp of how they are difficult to live with. One option is that you might start to feel a bit sick – and try to persecute or run away from the enthusiastic party (why do they have such bad taste? This is a characteristic response if you have issues with liking yourself – which around half of us do (largely because important people in our past weren’t that keen).Spend, for example, one hour writing an answer to each one.If it’s going well, you should at some point feel like crying, at another point be extremely angry and perhaps at the end feel rather sad for everyone concerned.

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There’s a lot we can do once people are able to tell us what’s problematic about themselves.

We are – in this sense, despite our big brains – not so far from the babies we once were. Parents were themselves subjects to parents and psyches they didn’t fully control.

What do we start to learn and feel when we begin to think of our parents as – strangely – also themselves victims? Have you ever wanted to touch the sexual organs of someone your own gender?

We generally search in relationships not for what is going to be most pleasurable but what will feel most familiar.

Grasping the nature of this dynamic helps us to feel compassion for ourselves and forgiveness for the partner: after all, how could they have known that we wanted them in part because they would frustrate us?