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13 Mar

The Pulaski County Circuit judge was pictured tied to a cot outside the Capitol in Little Rock on Friday in a dramatic show of activism. Judge Wendell Griffen, who halted the use of one of the drugs after the pharmaceutical company which manufactured it complained last week, was removed from all death penalty cases on Monday after taking part in an elaborate protest in Little Rock last week.He is pictured lying on on a cot with his arms tied to the sides The Supreme Court reassigned the case and referred him to the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission to consider whether he violated the code of conduct for judges.Their major competitors were the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), founded in 1927, and the Mutual Broadcasting System, founded in 1934.In 1943, NBC was required to divest one of its national networks, so it sold NBC Blue, which was soon renamed the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).Their objection to it being used in executions echoes wider trend in the pharmaceutical industries which has seen drug manufacturers step away from supplying states with the ingredients for lethal injections.But the Supreme Court banned Judge Griffen from ruling on any death penalty cases after he was caught taking part in an anti-capital punishment protest on Friday.The other six men scheduled to be executed are Stacey Eugene Johnson, Jack Harold Jones, Ledell Lee, Kenneth D Williams and Marcel W Williams.Jason Mc Gehee was also due to be executed on April 27 but he was granted a permanent stay.

These were the first two nationwide networks established in the United States.Johnny Depp joined those fighting the state's execution schedule at one demonstration.Former executioners have joined the inmates' fight, speaking out to accuse the state of playing 'Russian roulette' with the prisoners' lives by relying on the unreliable lethal injection cocktail.He was sentenced to death for strangling 18-year-old Rebecca Doss in 1989 in the men's bathroom of a convenience store where she worked.He was granted a previous stay by a different judge on Friday after his lawyers argued he was not mentally fit to receive the injection.