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27 Nov

How to be rational even in a world of "alternative facts." As people continue to ruin their lives with opioids, grandparents are having to take up the mantle of being full-time parents again, and when a family member becomes the primary caregiver of a child, they don't get the same government assistance as a stranger. Six Miami fire fighters have been fired for defacing their boss's family photos and, because he is black, draping a noose over them. A strange paradox that can lead you to interpret data incorrectly.

Ariane Sherine competently argues for rationalism against a deluded preacher. We're getting closer to having a Star Trek style holodeck. Several words that have changed meaning, often completely reversing definition. Being a linguist doesn't mean you will also make a good neurologist or sociologist Steven Pinker. People have no incentive to move out of flood zones if they don't have to pay for their insurance.

Here are some of his tips for finding – and keeping – The One. Do you want looks, wealth, a young toned Olympian or a man with a Chelsea townhouse? THE MORNING AFTERLavak tells me: "Men have confidence issues too and if he doesn't hear from you after a date he'll think you're not interested.

Whatever it is you can find it more easily if you hang out in places where your "type" does. So don't wait for him to call, let him know you had a great time."Suggest another date, don't play it cool.

So, you're at your favorite coffee shop standing in line and behind you walks up this human who's got eyes you could dive into, a smile that's making you melt, and hair that you'd like to see in your bed tomorrow morning. We've interviewed hundreds of conscious, heart-centered lovers to find out what most people want in ideal modern dating etiquette. But let's face it - most people hate doing online dating for various reasons from the time it takes to the fears of weirdos and stalkers to name a few.

At Evolve Dating Gurus we believe that once you are in the right frame of mind and aligned with your own love frequency, then online apps can be a great resource to attract your person.

You or we could spend years doing the research, analyzation and crunching of the numbers - but why do that when the folks over at did it for us already.

A Texas public school student has been forced to sue her school because, for several years now, her teachers and schools administrators have been trying to force her to say prayers in school, they've preached at her from their religious books, publicly bullied her insinuating that she was a Sharia Muslim and a pedophile, and even posted derogatory pictures of her on social media! The Dawkins Delusion is just more typical dishonesty from Christians.

A Portuguese man beat his wife with a bat with protruding metal spikes because she slept with another man.

Achieve this and he will love you and do anything for you.

They're the same principles used by Wallis Simpson to capture and dethrone Edward VIII."Lavak describes his book as a "practical guide to love for the 21st–century woman" and insists his advice isn't aimed at setting up women to be subservient "it's about empowering them". Remember Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie – and it wasn't for her cooking.