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11 Mar

A neighbor in his early 50s said he saw the child bleeding from his abdomen and the man in the car not moving.“The young lady was just hollering about her baby, she had blood from her stomach,” he said.

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The bride and the groom ran into the knee-deep water to look for the camera that contained hundreds of images but to no avail.The woman told police they were driving in the alley when a car blocked them behind an AC Delco Auto Electronics shop. No one was in custody late Tuesday afternoon, but investigators suspect the man was the intended target."We have very promising leads, we have video," Johnson said.“We tried to look at it as a positive, just another rough patch to get through and a sign that everything will be OK.” They were thankful that they at least preserved some memories through those photos that were captured by a professional photographer.However, three months after the incident, Heather received a call from the photographer who was tagged on the Facebook post that contained the lost images, telling her that the camera had been found. “I ran over to my husband and said, ‘Oh my gosh, someone found our camera.’” The couple quickly contacted Nick Reed, who posted the photos before making some effort to remove the memory card from the camera which was washed to the shore about two months after the wedding and had been retrieved by Nick’s sister, Maria Reed.