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12 Aug

KEENER: Thank you, but—JACKSON: Outside was this outpouring of love that was augmented by—KEENER: It was very loving. How did you transition from laughing to working on this very serious film?

We shot it in a documentary style, a lot of single shots, breathing stills. JACKSON: It’s a very small film, limited time, limited resources.

His roles as an outlaw or gunman too have been highly appreciated/ he played the role of Forty Steve on the movie Young Guns and portrayed the role of J. 2013 saw him as the starring role in the horror The Rambler after which he appeared in the 2015 horror Insidious: Chapter 3. Apart from these two affairs, he has never been dating or known to have had any other girlfriend yet.

During that time is when the CATHERINE KEENER: Hey!

We never met and we just had these emails back and forth.

DEENAH VOLLMER: Catherine will join us in a minute.

Mark, let’s start with how this project came together.