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04 Aug

Since so many of us are on #babygiraffewatch, I thought we should put together a list of signs a giraffe is in labor… We are demonstrating being #lifelonglearners for our children.Part of that research is here in this article, part of it is in the article where we have the giraffe cam embedded (so we didn’t have to watch the obnoxious chat) but don’t miss the article I wrote to share some crafts, activities and unit studies on giraffes.Naturally, giraffes hide signs of labor – as to not alert every predator around, that they and a new calf will be vulnerable to attack.However, once the giraffe is in the final stages of labor – the process is quick.You will notice on our live feed, a lot of positioning in her hips, belly movements, and stutter stepping.

The vet reported she was ver Morning Update: Keeper’s report – all is well in the barn.

April is eating breakfast this morning and body condition remains as day prior.

Continued movement of baby inside, and big baby kicks, are noticeably obvious.

Trish is from the coast of North Carolina, but they now live in rural West Tennessee on a 40 acre farm.

She has been homeschooling since 2009 and her homeschool style leans towards a Montessori approach with a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning.