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20 Jun

According to one recent survey, one in four office workers gets romantically involved with a colleague at some point in their lives. But what strikes me is that while it always takes two to tango, it's almost inevitably women who come off worst after an affair. In the name of research, I have become obsessed with the secret lives of working women, as I've written a novel in which two ladies - one senior and one junior - embark on affairs at the oil company they work for.

Two of the women who I interviewed had had affairs with men who reported directly to them.

Yet such relationships can become dangerous - there is a tipping point (usually involving alcohol) and beyond that it is hard to go back.

Tracy describes how one night she had gone out for a drink with a few colleagues.

'I saw him much more than I saw my husband and felt I had much more in common with him.' Women often find themselves falling for men at work to whom they otherwise wouldn't give a second glance.

Most men seem more alluring in the office, because they are doing something they are good at, and because they look more appealing in a suit than slouching around at the weekend in sagging jeans.