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24 Aug

Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad are the other major cities of Pakistan.The modern nation of Pakistan evolved in the Indus Valley region, the seat of one of the most ancient civilizations of the world.Following the general's death, Pakistan has remained a stable democracy and gathered significant political clout in South Asia.Economy The economy of Pakistan, with a GDP- PPP of US 8 billion is ranked twenty-eighth in the world.Foreign exchange and gold reserves amount to US .8 billion but foreign investments are low, primarily due to security and stability concerns.Corruption and bureaucracy problems have slowed down the economic growth of Pakistan in recent years.The Vedic Civilization and the Persian Empire gave way to the Greek settlement by about 327 BC.

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History of Pakistan The earliest settlements in Pakistan date back to about 7000 BC.Coming down from a rich cultural past, the foundations of the state were laid on the basis of the religious demographics of the region.Pakistan shares its land boundaries with Afghanistan Iran, India, and China.In 711 AD Muhammad bin Qasim, the Umayyad general prompted a number of successive Muslim dynasties to build their empires on the land.Soon, in about 1526 AD, the region became a part of Mughal territory.