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12 Sep

Related:  A First-Timer’s Guide to Cruising" data-reactid="36"Related: A First-Timer’s Guide to Cruising“Think about when you went to college for the first time,” says Bruns.

" data-reactid="77"Who are the biggest partiers at sea?

Party at sea" data-reactid="48"Party at sea We all know the average cruise ship has numerous bars.

What you may not know is that there are additional bars that you’ll never see, bars exclusively for the crew.“A lot of people that work on the ship don’t have the privilege to go out and about on the upper deck [with the passengers],” says Niver.

(Photo: Holland America)So you mix cheap booze with young, stressed-out workers stuck in a confined ship with tight quarters, and you know what’s going to ensue. ”“Every week you’ve got new people from all over the world popping up onto the ship,” says Bruns.

“It’s like an international smorgasbord of beautiful young people far from home.”The multinational flavor of cruise ship crews means that many crew members like to do their own version of cultural exchanges. Especially nowadays in America, everyone is like, ‘I hate you, you’re not just like me.’ On ships you’re not supposed to talk about politics or religion, but that’s all we did.