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16 Nov

They say for this reason they cannot close the case.

My partners son is doing a paid apprenticeship so they need the details of the apprenticeship in order to close the case.

If they do not have another definite arrangement in force, and the non-resident parent is simply promising to pay maintenance, they should consider coming to a family-based arrangement.

There is no requirement to have an agreement in place before leaving the CSA.

Hi, I’ve been paying a financial agreement with my x partner for 7/8 years now and due to my job was a large amount of money though due to changes in work and not working nowat all where do I stand now with payments as ive always said if and when I started work again on same pay it would go back to that agreement.

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This may mean discussing all the elements of your child’s upbringing that involves cost.Statistically speaking, parents who were not able to come to an arrangement prior to CSA involvement are less likely to be able to agree matters informally.Don’t let that put you off if you both genuinely want to try to make a private arrangement.Due to recent changes in child support laws and since the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has replaced the Child Support Agency (CSA), it is possible to come to a private/family-based arrangement about financial provision for your child.Before the change in the law, if a parent with care was on benefit, they were required to use the CSA.