Dating and friendship in keneya

22 Jul

At home, the patriach of the family is the head and in the past, often practiced polygamy.This headman, usually referred to as umnumzane is central to all activities of the home.Although the calling is more than often resisted because a “sangoma” is distinguished by her appearance with her hair in “siyendle” style, decorated with traditional medicine, small bottles and subject to many taboos.In Swaziland there are far more woman “tangoma” than men.Local cultural events in communities or imiphakatsi, take place at the residence of the chief also called emphakatsini.Weddings, funerals and religious events are usually carried out at family homesteads where neighbors are usually invited to partake.

The amount is affected by many different factors and the circumstances of the bride to be.Inyanga performs rituals that are common to that of a “sangoma”.The role of a “sangoma” is to find the cause of misfortune or disease.To learn the craft, learners “tangoma”, (plural of “sangoma”) attend various “schools” and undergo “lutfwasa”, a learning process which may take up to a year or longer.About a dozen or more learners are resident at a small homestead of Bethany, headed by La Mabuza which is situated near Matsapha in central Swaziland.