Dating courtships then and now

06 Aug

A distinction between dating and courtship is this: a person would never enter into a courtship with someone whom they would not consider marrying; yet a person will often enter a dating relationship with someone to whom they are attracted while knowing in their gut that they would never want to marry that person.

The reason this happens is because dating does not imply responsibility for the other person.

If you value marriage and chastity, then do yourself a favour and avoid anything that would derail you from living out that value. If we have to answer to someone else, we tend to be more focussed.

If a couple discerns that marriage is not their calling, they end the courtship relationship.(If they have respected and honoured each other's purity, they often remain as friends.) If they discern a call to marriage, they continue to grow in preparation for that wonderful vocation.The stakes are high in a courtship because a couple is exploring marriage from the very outset of their romantic relationship, but it is also makes them more honest.Young people are bombarded by images of impure and sinful relationships.The notion of chastity would seem to some to be one that is outdated.