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19 Mar

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We know what Meghan Markle could learn from Kate Middleton, but let's flip the script, shall we?

Let Her Shine: It's no secret that Harry will probably get most of the limelight considering he's royal, but William has done a fantastic job at stepping aside and giving Kate credit where credit is due, and letting her shine in her own right.

Look for other clues to guide you—a raised eyebrow, perhaps?“After we had developed our prototype with only ‘she’ pronouns . It’s a digital safe space.“We have had several players (tell us) the game has helped them accept and embrace their sexuality or their gender identity, which is amazing,” Verburg says.“I definitely struggled with my sexuality when I was younger and a game that had let me play at being queer without risk would have been very helpful.”These games are not exclusively for LGBTQ youth, of course.Take Time for Yourselves: With such busy schedules, it'll be difficult to keep the flame going strong, so it's really up to Harry and Meghan to put in effort and make their relationship a priority.Between their civic duties, travels, kids and everyday life, it would seem nearly impossible for Will and Kate to take time off for themselves, but they still manage to do it, and that's crucial.