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05 Aug

The catch-all note-taking and content-saving app can keep thousands of your notes in one place.The question is: How do you find a specific note in that great big digital pile?

Just build a bot that watches for your keyword and search query, then have Zapier search for that text in your 3rd party app and send the result back to Slack.

Apple has "Finder" and "Spotlight Search." Windows offers "Search Computer." Google, well, you "Google." But when you need to find items in your online apps, where do you turn? Trello, Slack, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google, Linked In–and other apps–all offer ways to search that go far beyond just typing a phrase in the search box.

But sometimes if your search is too simple, you'll find yourself wading through tons of irrelevant results. Instead, quickly find exactly what you need by using your favorite apps' hidden or advanced search features.

Unlike searches, which are done across all your Trello boards by default, filtering only works on a single board.

It's also broader than searching: Searching shows exact matches, while filtering shows any of your selected criteria.