Dating games for guys only

26 Aug

Cave Lady waiting for Grog to bring home the bronto burgers. In general, men and women bond at very different places on the bonding spectrum.

So women and men just innately bond at different places (yes, there are exceptions but the average is this). For men and women to be in complete conflict forever and ever over where on the bonding spectrum they should fall...therefore never bonding? People who know, just know, that to be a happy person they need to have a happy, whole identity separate and apart from the relationship. A happy and whole person has SOMETHING TO DO that involves her and only her outside the family unit.(Women, believe it or not, tend to be more forgiving of no-life men even though they shouldn't be...everyone should have a are looking for a no-life person, it's insecurity on your part).BUT more importantly, in pursuing this person or making sure this person likes/is attracted to YOU, you are missing all the signs that he might be a problem later on. Having your own life and your own interests makes you an attractive person.I also know women who say, "Well why do I have to orchestrate all this? " Well, dear, he WILL move closer to you as long as he knows he can move away when the time comes.Even better, if he knows you will get bored with your intimacy first, he'll be back for more in no time.