Dating jasperware wedgwood

19 Feb

Both have been damaged, I assumed that why mother purchased them she brought them rather than seeing them discarded or 'packed' away..The one with Lytic Poetry has been damaged across the top and the bottom.0001 It features the muse, ‘Euterpe, the Muse of Lytic Poetry’ on one side and ‘Apollo Musagetes’ , the Leader of the Muses, on the other. Its top has an elaborate grape vines frieze surrounded it. On one side, you see a sacrificial tripod and cauldron originally dedicated to Apollo, tended by Ceres.A second figure is approaching with a basket of fruit, possibly Pomonia. The bottom plate is impressed ‘Wedgwood’ and ‘England”. Since there is no ‘Made in England’ on the base and the presence of the X, we estimate this was made in 1895. Light blue-dip bottom plate is 11 3/8” diameter and is bordered with oak and acorns.All the antiques (8,500 pieces) were professionally packed in 1972 when she unexpectedly died.She was very careful about each selected piece and when faults are present, we note them in the individual description.There is some inner staining around the rim by the cheese, probably Stilton.

If you happened to know of their use, please let us know. The jug measures 6.25” in height and bears the following impressions on the bottom: ‘Wedgwood’, ‘England’, ‘30’, ‘C’.There is a tiny flea mark on the out rim at the top.This was the first item acquired by Legacy Antiques (1955), a pair of ‘old’ candlesticks made by Wedgwood. They are impressed ‘Wedgwood’, ‘A’ (1872), with the initials ‘KJG’ and the potter’s mark ‘:.’ . Each has the muse ‘Urania, the Muse of Astronomy’ on one side.The cover is 5” high (5.6” with handle) and overall 6.75” high. The classical scenes of Cupid, Psyche, and the other goddess within the borders of oak leaves and stylized anthemions (motlif in décorative art used in borders or frieze, usually leaves or petals).Cupid and Psyche Cupid, the honey thief, was stung by bees whens he steal honey from their hive.