Dating jewelry

25 Oct

The plaque itself was usually an oval or round hangtag, or it was attached directly onto the piece. It is similar to the previous plaque, except for the fact that the year now appears at the bottom, and the 'Made in France' has disappeared.

This is the period during which Karl Largerfeld was appoint as head designer and he sought consciously to evoke the style and quality of Chanel's iconic designs, while giving them a modern aesthetic.

Here is a genuine hang tag: Markings Since the 1920's, the House of Chanel has been producing some of the highest quality costume jewellery in the world, utilising the skills of some of the most famous and accomplished jewelers, including Augustine Gripoix, the Duke of Verdura, Robert Goossens, and Victoire de Castellane.

It was after this that the pieces began to be signed, and in reference books such pieces are usually dated 1954-1971 (from the date of the first known signature to Chanel's death in 1971).

He appointed Victoire de Castallane to head up jewellery design, and she produced of the famous Chanel pieces that are so collectable and continue to inspire today.

She was employed from 1984 until 1998, an amazing creative period.

1970's With Chanel's death came a new owner who recognised the commercial importance of the Chanel name, and therefore began to use the trademark signs on all the jewellery they produced.

His name was Alain Wertheimer and he introduced the copyright and registration marks to protect the Chanel name.