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11 Jul

Per consentire ai clienti di gestire in autonomia le proprie prenotazioni per traghetti, treni e tunnel, senza rinunciare all’assistenza del team del booking diretto, il Gruppo England Tir ha creato QB2U, un avanzato portale di prenotazione on line.Attraverso un’interfaccia estremamente semplice, il cliente può inserire prenotazioni e modificarle; il booking prende in consegna le richieste ed effettua le prenotazioni e le modifiche per il cliente, fornendo in tempi rapidi il feedback della richiesta.Furthermore, a sitting emperor was empowered to name a successor and take him on as apprentice in government and in that case the Senate had no role to play, although it sometimes did when a successor lacked the power to inhibit bids by rival claimants.By the medieval (or "Byzantine") period, the very definition of the Senate became vague as well, adding to the complication.Per accedere al portale bisogna richiedere ad England Tir un nome utente ed una password e sottoscrivere gli accordi di privacy e di fornitura servizio, che il cliente può scaricare dal portale o richiedere all’ufficio booking.In this Timewatch special, historian Bettany Hughes unravels one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time.

The rise of powerful Barbarian tribes along the borders of the empire and the challenge they posed to defense of far-flung borders and unstable imperial succession led Diocletian to experiment with sharing imperial titles and responsibilities among several individuals - a partial reversion to pre-Augustian Roman traditions.The empire was developed as the Roman Republic invaded and occupied most of Europe and portions of northern Africa and western Asia.Under the republic, regions of the empire were ruled by provincial governors answerable to and authorised by the "Senate and People of Rome".It is false to the ideas of this time to speak of 'the Eastern and Western Empire'; the two halves of Empire were thought of as 'the Eastern, or Western parts' (partes orientis vel occidentis.)" The last pretense of such division was formally ended by Zeno after the death of Julius Nepos in 480.For the remaining thousand years of eastern Roman history there would only ever be one legitimate senior emperor, ruling from Constantinople and maintaining claim to the increasingly unstable territories in the west.