Dating mating and marriage by martin king whyte Free to chat with women who want sex

25 Jul

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Azad Chaiwala set up Go is exclusively for people looking to wed as soon as possible, and rather than going on a date potential couples must attend a 'marriage meeting' where they must answer 101 questions to see if they're a good fit.

Already the site has almost 5,000 members of all ages and backgrounds who are in the process of answering lengthy questionnaires before they are matched with a potential spouse, and 60 to 70 per cent of members signing up monthly are female.'The question I get asked, is "why?

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They're also less likely to marry outside of their race, which can leave them with fewer choices when it comes to matching up with someone of a similar educational status.

'There are four people at the gathering, the prospective couple and one additional sensible person from each side ensuring everyone stays true to themselves. 'Prior to attending the marriage meeting, each party must answer a 260 question survey on purely practical questions so the site's experts can match them based on compatibility.

'I give them 101 questions to ask each other before marriage. Azad added: 'This site is the first of its kind and open for everyone, especially those that have had their fun and have come to a realisation that the fast lifestyle cannot be maintained.

And that can have a ripple effect that impacts not only current earnings, but future economic mobility.

According to a recent memo from Brookings Institution, when looking at married women ages 25 to 35, about 41 percent of white women had husbands who had similar educational-attainment levels, while only 32 percent of married black women could say the same.