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01 Jul

• Soon, you will crush the fear and inertia that have been holding you back from putting yourself out there in an authentic and vulnerable way.

• Soon, you will have quality men lining up to take you out on thoughtful, generous weekend dates.

Presuming all goes well, I’ll figure out how to run this bootcamp in other big cities – maybe even with your help!

But first things first, I’m looking for 10 smart women in LA who are ready for big change.

I’ve already had a bunch of women sign up right after the initial teleseminar and am excited to get the group started in a few weeks.

What about that free 3 Priceless Dating Tips teleseminar? Again, it had to do with getting 10 women from LA registered right away.

It’s not that you don’t stand to benefit from the same dating tips, but rather that the point of the teleseminar was to inspire Los Angeles women to take action and become the CEO of their love lives. ” “That sounds very – um – masculine,” I completely get where you’re coming from.

Mc Allister's character Andie is undateable thanks to her overprotective brother Alec (played by Vine star Logan Paul).

Her latest role on You Tube Red's newest show, "Foursome" followers her character and her eccentric friends as they try and take on high school's real core curriculum: the dating game.