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04 Aug

Pretty much all the necessary adjustments seem to be there but it’s up to the reader to translate the generic information to the specifics of their machine.

Includes a chapter on blind-stitch machines but a good third of the book is simplistic advice on starting a home business (sample dot-matrix flyers? A thorough, concise and copiously illustrated (B&W line drawings) analysis of the principal domestic machine types; from the vibrating shuttle (Singer VS2, 27 etc.) onwards. Comprehensive instructions for the diagnosis, dismantling and repair of pre-1958 machines. motors/controllers; relevant tools; equipping and adapting a repair workbench - with a built-in treadle!

Extremely thorough and profusely illustrated with CLEAR photos of virtually every moving part, plus tensions, timings, case refurbishment, etc. Clearly written by an Old Sewing Machine Guy as his cloth-capped picture reassuringly confirms on the cover. An extensive troubleshooting guide with sufficient instructions to help operators maintain their machines.

A short but informative book - originally written in the early twentieth century - that quickly explains the workings of domestic machines by shuttle type (transverse, vibrating, oscillating and rotary) - even a passage on the Class 29 bootpatcher - with sufficient information to get most machines back in time/tension etc. Generic information but clearly presented and illustrated.

A high school textbook, designed to teach the underlying principles and construction of the sewing machine and help teachers to “operate any machine quickly and easily”.

Included because it’s readily available on a certain auction site.

A hotchpotch of good but randomly presented maintenance instruction, interspersed with advice on setting up a repair business (which includes the suggestion that, having set up said repair business “any repair that involves replacing parts should be entrusted to a repair agent”).

So is putting them in the car and taking them to the menders.

Most of the repair books will help decide when to take which route.