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12 Feb

As a Paid Search Consultant at Word Stream, I spend my days working with advertisers (I currently oversee over 160 clients! I constantly receive the same questions from almost all of them: What’s my competition doing? It is extremely risky – you will likely see clicks and impressions come through, but I rarely if ever see conversions occur. Why would you want to attract the wrong men or men that aren’t interested in your? I never recommend bidding on your competitor’s brand name.When you do that in PPC and in dating, you never win.Focus on what you do and do it to the best of your abilities. Have you ever been in a relationship and always been wondering: Do other girls do this? My advice to you is to stop obsessing over your competition – it’s unhealthy and unproductive! You don’t need to ask these questions, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or managing an Ad Words account.What’s the use in bidding on your competitions’ brand if you receive a horrendous return on your investment? They’re a waste of time and at the end of the day don’t matter (sorry guys).We’ve already concluded that not all traffic is good traffic.

You want your customers to know what they’re getting from the first point of contact; if they feel like you tricked them, it will backfire.

The company simply doesn’t offer what they’re advertising for!

This: Does not equal this: You may be asking, so what?

(Branded campaigns can also increase your Quality Score.) There is no way you can take a “quick peek” at another company’s Ad Words account. Everyone needs the same reverence and confidentiality that Ad Words provides to you; simply respect that and put your focus and attention on your own account.

Instead of looking at what others are doing with their accounts, work on optimizing yours.