Dating your customers

03 Feb

He also understood that his customers didn’t necessarily love to go on dates.

Dates are exciting, but they’re also stressful and expensive. When Town Hound’s ad content changed, quality user growth and restaurant partner growth rapidly increased.

This visual from Samuel Hulick explains why customers buy products..

By understanding the progress our customers are hoping to make, we can increase conversions at any stage of the user lifecycle: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. Customers Buy Progress Customers actually don’t buy your product.

Le Tote needs to gather as much info about their customer’s style preferences during onboarding as possible in order to make a great first impression, without bombarding users with tedious onboarding tasks.

So how does Le Tote get users through a lengthy onboarding process without seeing a drop in conversion? The user is met with easy to answer questions about occasions that are hard to dress for and weather, which is uncontrollable.

Your customers care about the progress they will make as a result of using your product.

Don’t worry, they don’t care about your competitor’s products either. Thankfully, your customers do care about something, which is why they buy your product.