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03 Aug

People warmed up to him quickly and he was friends with everyone.

While he has two siblings, Andrew and Robert, many of his friends also thought of him as their big brother.

Every year the family goes to Sybil Point to remember Mick Christian, 'and now David Christian,' said Marie.

She's extending an invite to David's Whistler friends to be part of that event a year from now." Case Details Name/age: David Christian, 27 Hometown: Ireland Residence: Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada College: Selkirk College Last Seen: 03/17/12, Merlin's Bar, British Columbia, Canada Physical Description: 6'3," 210 pounds Recovered: 03/21/12, Horstman Creek at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course.

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David was immediately excited about the new job, which would begin at the start of ski season in October.According to Pique, David "made a big impact on Matt Gore when he arrived in staff housing from Ontario at the age of 17.'He could see I was struggling a bit because I was shy at that age,' said Gore.'He said 'Look mom, in this one photograph you can see England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales...' It was his wish to see the world, and he did that.'" After high school, David received a three-year degree in Bioinformatics and then went on to earn a graduate degree."He had no problems finding a good job after that," reports Pique, "but as soon as he made some money he was off travelling." By June 2008, he had moved to Toronto, Ontario, with best friend Matt Walsh.