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16 Oct

Jellyfish is like a freakin’ fairytale fantasy come true.

After doing a ton of online research, reading yelp and trip advisor reviews, we finally decided on Paradisus Palma Real for the wedding week.

let’s see how long it takes them to come out of the Secret Celebrity Romance Closet. Reportedly, she recently reunited with ex Lewis Hamilton.

Nicole & Derek met at a Mexican cantina – Nicole was enjoying margaritas with one of her girlfriends, and Derek was their sexy bartender.

’ Derek: ‘As a kid, for the longest time I wanted to be a cowboy from the Wild West (after visiting Six Gun City).

Then that turned into wanting to be super soldier for the US Government after watching WAYYY TOO many action movies! He can be a little rough around the edges / have a tough exterior, but when it comes down to it, he would do just about anything for anyone if they needed him – especially people he is closest to.

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I said; “Well if he really wants to take me out, he can ask me himself.” The next morning my friend Dan sneakily invited him over to his house for breakfast with all of us.

during the season finale on Tuesday night (May 25).

The couple dominated throughout the 10th season and bested Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek (second place) and ESPN reporter Erin Andrews (third).

As soon as I stumbled upon this magical place, I KNEW it was THE place!

(and I never just “know” because I am so indecisive about a lot of things – I like to do my homework to ensure I’m making the best choice).