Directions for updating streetpilot garmin

16 Oct

- URBAN GUIDANCE considers public transportation options, such as subways, trams, busses and water taxis, when calculating pedestrian routes.You will be guided to a transit stop by foot and you're able to look up detailed information on what line to take and where to get off. - GOOGLE STREET VIEW provides users a street-level view of their destination before starting a route and shortly before arriving. You will see turn-by-turn directions instead of the moving map.

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Your point will automatically be picked on that road.

Many of these tips were found on the gpspassion forums.

c320/c330 Hints: Software Updates: The system comes with a map of CDs and some basic transfer software.

The Street Pilot c320 and c330 systems are very similiar. Press and Hold the Moving Avg box for several seconds.

The c320 system is a little cheaper and uses SD cards. Both these units rock, have many features, are frequently updated, and are rather inexpensive now.