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04 Dec

These livers are ripped, bare-handed, from their still-living hosts, who promptly die from shock and blood loss.They also die because they lack the regenerative capacity; it’s been taken from them.In this community, cannibalism may have prolonged life and youth but it does so at the cost of insanity and dementia – not to mention the chicken factory at the centre of it all, where the remains of the founder end up being fed to a different and wider population, another rung on the food chain…The regenerative has become degenerative, the infected brains disintegrating into a spongy texture full of holes, a mimicry of the community that feeds on itself – and indeed the happy family workforce of Chaco Chickens has started eating its own members instead of the neighbouring outgroups.

Local residents disappear to the cooking pot, a communal meal that only comes to light when one of the victims, infected with Creutzeldt-Jakob disease, manages to infect everyone who stuffed down his boiled-up carcass. Food & Horror is the monthly food-and-horror series by Octavia that will be appearing on The Book Smugglers over the year ahead. What we eat turns into flesh, replacing the matter we lose every day…Tune in next month for a stickier exploration of food-as-tool in horror… skin cells sloughing off, hair falling out, mucus and bile and the soft sinking calcium of aging bones.Yet consumption for the purposes of regeneration need not be total. The Countess Bathory, staple or bit-player in so many horror stories, may bathe in the blood of virgins to regenerate her own appearance, to keep her skin young and smooth and supple, but once a virgin has been emptied into her bathtub then that’s the end for the virgin.The horror’s over, there’s nothing more that can be done to her.