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02 Apr

She really wants to see Vera Bradley grow in the West the way it has in Fresno.

She’s on a committee that advises the company from the viewpoint of independently owned shops.

It was another customer-turned-friend who invited her to attend an entrepreneur-themed luncheon.

From there it snowballed into making Vera Bradley the center of the Pay It Forward luncheon, which brings together Fresno State students and business leaders and is hosted by the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State.

Top Drawer has opened a second location, this one in River Park across the street from Tillys, and will celebrate its grand opening Wednesday, April 20.

Owner Jane Saunders regularly makes friends with customers.

With thousands of such stores around the country, it’s unusual for CEO Robert Wallstrom and co-founder Barbara Bradley Baekgaard (who named the brand after her mother) to fly to a grand opening.

Getting it all to happen – along with the surprise announcement – took a lot of last-minute jumping through hoops by Saunders.

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“My grandmother always used to say it was good luck to give a billfold or a purse with money in it,” she says.She printed out a Christmas wish list of things she wanted to see happen in the company, tied it up with a candy cane and bow and overnighted it to him.On that list was a visit from Wallstrom when she opened the new store.Both stores are co-owned with daughter Porsche Saunders. The brand is about 20 years behind here in terms of customers being familiar with it compared to the East Coast.Because Fresnans haven’t owned Vera Bradley bags for decades, the more-traditional designs attract them.