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19 Jul

Ana María y Manuel habían decidido pasar el mayor tiempo posible del año en su casa de veraneo en Sant Mori, un pueblo rural ubicado entre Figueres y Girona.

Situado entre bosques y prados, este particular enclave permite que todas las viviendas disfruten Fuente: Mesura Fotografía: Salva López DONDE HAY SOMBRA HAY COBIJO. Una pareja, una casa tradicional en el Empordà y un deseo.

Chang attributes the situation to a dove-tailing of factors, the obvious one being the economic slump."Your middle class is being squeezed. But over and above this, there are important changes in attitude.

People no longer aspire to own things."You don't have to own something; you can experience it." In more developed economies, he says, we're seeing a desire for stories, experiences and the creation of memories.

Las casas deben evolucionar al mismo ritmo de quienes las habitan.According to trend analyst Dion Chang our retail market is saturated and the cracks are showing.At his recent trends presentation on malls and retailing, he described how, in the newly refurbished Rosebank Mall, in Johannesburg, there are papered-up shop fronts.Mango and Nine West have left South Africa, leaving empty shops.(Of all the international brands, H&M is the only one appearing to expand.) The Mall of Africa, he says, is desperately trying to attract people with events such as the recent Johannesburg Fashion Week and the National Antiques Fair.