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09 Mar

That's why we went the extra mile to help you avoid any more social awkwardness than you already do. This sticker would also be good to have in real life when someone comes up to you on the street and tries to practice their English with you.

Moments like that I wish I could turn into a cat with a sombrero and shout 'Que? Kim Kardashian getting thrown into a toilet Occasion: When the other person has said something absolutely ludicrous, such as “I’m not drinking tonight,” or “It’s just one casual drink, yeah?

In my limited experience, incidentally, it is always someone in the Middle East.

Perhaps you would prefer to send out or collect a ‘message in a bottle’.

It is best sent when planning house parties though, preferably to a large group so that everyone can see how excited you are about seeing them flipping cups with their butts. Barney from shooting himself in the face Occasion: When you’re doing something you don’t want to, or when you’re on the subway at any time of the day, in a bank trying to sort out a name or telephone number adjustment, at a business dinner avoiding , or your bank card gets swallowed by an ATM. Whats App is way ahead in this particular thing as it provides so so many Gifs on the server..

Or if you have to eat a convenience store sandwich for lunch. I’m a bussss, s*ck my d*ck Occasion: When you’ve escaped doing that thing you really didn’t want to do, got off the subway, found a taxi in the end, made it out of the medical health check center in Xierqi alive, or ran away from the business dinner. As far as I know, none of these are stickers in We Chat -- I've got a million but none are animated GIFs like the above. You can't get them from here, you have to receive them from a friend and then save them as stickers, hence 'happy hunting'. Just go to GIF and then search a keyword like TGIF, Sorry, What the Hell, What?

She notes that over 10 million lightweight apps (what We Chat calls ‘official accounts’) ‘live inside We Chat, much like webpages live on the internet’.

This makes We Chat, she says ‘more like a browser for mobile websites, or arguable, a mobile operating system – complete with its own proprietary app store.’ We Chat’s expansion into every aspect of life in China, which has been in tandem with the rise of China’s middle class, and the speed at which it is extending itself into the rest of the world is a business and technology success story. Some of the concerns are about its monopoly, or near-monopoly power – similar to those raised in relation to other establishment ‘disruptors’ like Google and Facebook.

Each user has both a personal QR code and an inbuilt scanner that makes for a seamless exchange of contacts. You can of course also send photos, songs, news items, emojis and ‘stickers’ as well.

It is a story about ordinary people, including me, maybe even you, and definitely 19 others within a radius of one kilometre of the desk at home on which I am writing this. We Chat, weixin 微信 or ‘micro-letter’ in Chinese, boasts 650 million monthly active users (out of 1.1 billion registered accounts).

That’s less than those on the world’s most popular messaging app Whats App (900 million) and on Facebook Messenger (800 million).

According to the Wall Street Journal, while Facebook is certainly trying, ‘it won’t be simple for Facebook or others to copy We Chat’s success.’ David Pierce is even more categorical: ‘Many apps will try to replicate what We Chat has done, and all (or all but one) will fail.’ The reason is because We Chat’s ‘mobile-first’, PC-free development model is unique.

In 2011, the Chinese media, communications and internet giant Tencent, which Forbes now rates number 11 in the world for innovation, created We Chat in part to give users a way of avoiding costly text messages.