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02 Jun

It was my entire fault, mother told me to keep the money safe and since Mr.Roberts wanted always cash my job was to keep it and pay him the rent. The Coach and the Meter Reader - It was the subject that was being discussed in the bar rooms, the beauty shops and by middle school and high school kids while they smoked their cigarettes under the train viaduct where their parents would not see them.He had answered a posting on Craig's List which meant he was going to meet up with a guy that night for some boot play.Bill was an electrician who mainly did wiring of new houses for contractors which meant he drove a lot of different roads to and from work.If you like what you read you can find the the authors name and email a- ddress at the top of each story so you can contact them.Also if you have a story you would like to share with other people I would love to add it to the list below. Enjoy these fantasies and check back weekly for new fictional tales of gay sex and seduction. Corey Mauntoc, Team Captain."Encounter With a Porn Star - Hi I am Parson from Goa.Footy Fuck - David de Gea was sweating and panting on the treadmill in the gymnasium around the corner where he lived. The fact that he had now fucked not one, but two of his fellow footballer colleagues for sheer crazy ass splitting fun was doing its job in sorely freaking him out.Time and time again he had to remind himself that he wasn't doing this fucking gay shit for nothing.

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The Teachers Lesson - Bryan Albright slammed the steering wheel of his car and cursed as he tried to restart it.

Well Digger - When I was a teenager, my parents built a new house in what was known as the Broughton Community.

It was the ancestral home of my mother's relatives.

I had been in and around it all my life, but now, I would be living in the heart of it.

I did not have a driver's license yet, but I did own a motor scooter and had a license for it.