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09 Oct

If she knows I'm fucking around, then she knows it's okay to let me know she's fucking around.Some girls get off on bragging about their conquests or hearing about mine and with those girls I'll even encourage her telling me ("saw you chatting up that steroid dude at the bar, you get some action finally?This is just me though, other guys are more into the relationshippy stuff and that’s cool, Blondes, brunettes, cheerful bubbly ditzy girls, angry tattooed goth chicks, short hair, long hair, chicks who like giving Bjs but hate being dominated, chicks who love being dominated but hate fucking in public, chicks who hate Bjs and being dominated but love fucking in public…so many women, so many tastes.If I have a solid rotation of girls I like with a variety of tastes, I can go for what I’m in the mood for, or find a new girl and see what new experiences sex with her bring.That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own set of qualities I look for…like I know a chick that’s wicked-slutty and regularly has threesomes with dudes and likes to be watched by strangers.

And I found things fell into routine once we both learned what the other person liked.

So --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I heard Bad Boy recommend trying out lying to FBs and being honest with them with regards to other women, to see which you prefer.

Personally I go with the honest approach for three main reasons: I never have it lurking over me, I don't have to scramble to clean the evidence of another girl, I don't have to wonder if the blonde noticed the long brunette hairs on the bathroom floor, etc.

She knows there are other girls in my life, whether I talk about them or not and this affects a lot of little things, like I don't have to make up an excuse for why I can't hang out that night.

I don't have to worry that she found out about another girl and is testing me for a week to see if I'll fess up and then I don't and she Which girl thinks I was where last Saturday, who that girl is that left something flirty on my Facebook wall, who's txting me at 3am, what answer to how many girls I've dated I have to this girl VS that girl, which girl thinks I just got out of a serious relationship and which thinks I've never been in one, which one thinks I'm an astronaut and which one thinks I'm a rocket scientist. There are guys who can handle that and have fun doing it but I figure I'll just mess it up anyway so I'll just be up front from the start.