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07 Oct

Kejriwal hopes that it will touch a million downloads in the first week.The game will be unveiled to i OS users first and then to Android.The player has to outrun the photographers and earn points. Alok Kejriwal, CEO, Games2Win, says, the virtual character in the game had to reflect Tyga's mannerisms and personality."In the game, you keep running until you get caught," Kejriwal says. He's energetic, vibrant and a jumpy personality." Tyga's agency approached Games2Win to work on the game.Ajude o personagem a conquistar o coração de sua amada mas para isso você deverá responder as questões corretamente e então esta preparado?

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"The only requirement they (Tyga's team) had was on the technical side, terms of the platform and art and animation," Kejriwal says.The mechanics are trendy as it's a single thumb game.Kejriwal says there has been a rise in the number of celebrities getting their own games in the last one year. "I will credit Kim Kardashian for that epic game she created," he says.Its success proved two things — gaming was not just for nerdy kids, and there was money in it."That game turned around 0 million topline," says Kejriwal, who has signed up two more international social media celebrities whose names he does not reveal.