Ganguro girl dating sim

01 Sep

We tried to configure the servers to prevent deep linking of files, but it degraded their performance so much that we couldn't make it work at the time.Despite the site running like complete crap, artists continued to submit their Flash. :) January The first of several Flash Fables appeared and quickly became one of the favorite submissions on the site.It was a great movie, but things wouldn't really take off until his next submission, in July...April This month definitely introduced some controversial submissions.Carrot Clock wrapped up a Flash remake of League Bowling, one of my favorite Neo Geo games.Krinkels also made his first appearance, with Marsh-Mellow-Madness.The suicide bomber game drew a lot of hatemail, but we left it up on the site. The submissions this month weren't completely nasty, though. May Some months have major moments in NG history, others not so much.Ravage and Wrath were both great games and Childhood Confessions will make you laugh.

Chu Chu brought a delightful random energy to the Portal and Legendary Frog won a lot of fans with his Lord of the Rings spoof. It isn't really noteworthy, but since I made it I get to put it here.Like a Pandora's Box that perhaps shouldn't have been opened, Hentai Simgirls started the dating game craze on Newgrounds.To balance out the sex with some violence, we featured fabulous999's Suicide Bomber game, originally called "KABOOM", on the front page.July Krinkels lit the Portal on fire with Madness Combat, launching what would be one of the most successful original series to ever appear on NG.Another popular series started this month, with the introduction of the Tomorrow's Nobodies crew.