Gay dating playing hard to get

11 Jul

The investigation unearthed a fascinating quirk; the guys who had originally reached out to their date were spurned on when she batted them off.On the contrary, the participants that were randomly assigned a date were put off by their date if she played hard to get, favouring an partner who was immediately inquisitive This allowed the research team to deduce that “when no psychological commitment exists, playing hard to get yields weaker motivational responses”.In 2013, the University of Western Sydney’s Peter Jonason and Norman Li from the Singapore Management University released their seminal paper on the more manipulative elements imbued in playing hard to get.Comprised of four separate tests designed to garner the most common tactics used when someone plays hard to get, the duo went on to make some bold assertions after collecting their results.Some of the more straightforward examples Cialdini summons cover things like limited offers, ‘for one time only’ sales and ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities.In essence, the rarer an object or experience is, the more desirable it becomes. Interestingly (and more pertinent to the topic at hand), the US professor employs William Shakespeare’s ubiquitous tale of Romeo and Juliet to bolster his Scarcity Principle.To round things off then, if you’re trying to snare a mate for the long-haul, playing hard to get is a proven method to up the ante.If you’re not sure about your love interest’s feelings, it’s probably best not to dangle the carrot and be too distant prematurely; otherwise you might end up empty handed!

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Importantly, some of the participants we’re asked to select and contact a woman before the date occurred (based on attraction), the others were randomly assigned a partner.READ MORE: Tips on how to bag yourself a boyfriend!Jonason and Li’s other notable revelation came from surveying an additional 300 American college-goers.However, they discovered that the participants in the uncertain condition we’re the most smitten - even more so than those who knew the men were already keen on them.READ MORE: Learn how to write a successful dating profile Another study that’s worthy of note was carried out two years after the aforementioned stateside initiative.