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20 Jun

He took it upon himself to commit sacrifices in the name of the greater good. His first victims were his grandparents; at age 14 he shot his grandmother dead at the kitchen table just to see what it would be like.When his grandfather got home he killed him as well, assuming grandpa would be mad about the murder.Federal charges have not been ruled out in the case, he said.Electronic equipment also has been seized as evidence.The medical group declined to comment on Kohut’s departure from the local practice.“I was due to have surgery from him in two months,” said David Singleton, who has osteoporosis. It just seems like he just wanted to slip out the back door.” “It really caught me off guard the doctor left without sending me a letter that I would be referred to another neurosurgeon,” Singleton said.

The evidence triggered allegations that Kohut also had forced girls and boys to have sex with him multiple times since Jan. The first to be arrested was former Dominican Hospital nurse Rashel Brandon, 42, at her four-bedroom Cirvelo Street home in Watsonville about p.m. Police linked evidence to Stephens, 29, a Tucson, Ariz. Kohut remains in custody at Santa Cruz County Jail.

A separate court filing issued May 11 increased Brandon’s bail because she could be a “danger to children likely to post bail and flee to Arizona.” Brandon’s connection to Arizona is unclear as she worked as a nurse in Santa Cruz and lives in Watsonville.

Brandon filed for a divorce April 19, according to documents filed in Santa Cruz County Superior Court. A protective order issued Wednesday prohibits Kohut from having contact with Stephens, according to court documents.

Zamora said Kohut is “associated” with Stephens’ Tucson home.

No other suspects are believed to be involved in the case, according to Honda.