23 Jun

The terms, intersex, third sex, third gender, ambiguous genitalia, pseudohermaphrodite, false hermaphrodite, true hermaphrodite, male pseudohermaphrodite, female pseudohermaphrodite, are also used to describe this condition.Each tends to describe different aspects of this condition.

Beware of this Sanhedrin cauldron of thieves and their Judaizing………Paul the Apostle REFUSED their lies……………………and they have no fear of Christ Jesus now as they think to have achieved their ultimate goal of World Conquest to their polytheistic gods……Their God, Lucifer is a homosexual Transvestite hermorphadite…………………….. This has never been proven, mind you, but most folks seem satisfied with the argument that it was passed along by a friend of a friend who knows a doctor who was told about it in medical school, or some variation thereof. Who doesn’t like such funny interesting stories to liven up a gathering. Celebrities are always telling us that fame has its downsides — lurid gossip being one of them — and few could make a better case than actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who for two decades has been saddled with rumors that she was a hermaphrodite at birth (or, as it has been more crudely put, “born a male “). I would doubt the rumors from day one but it makes an interesting story to tell in a bar.Houk CP, Hughes IA, Ahmed SF, Lee PA; Writing Committee for the International Intersex Consensus Conference Participants. Summary of consensus statement on intersex disorders and their management.