Hennepin stages dating it

15 Feb

” During his tenure at the Trust, Hoch was also a leader in the Minneapolis Downtown Council, serving as its board chair.

Referrals to the service come through The People Incorporated Outreach teams and the People Incorporated Transitional Houses.

“Coming from an arts background is a huge benefit to me personally and to the city," says Hoch.

"One brings a set of skills that is unique to someone who’s moving into the mayor position.” After years of working with artists and arts organizations of varying size, Hoch says he’s developed an understanding of “how to go about solving problems — and who to call on to help us solve problems.” Hennepin Avenue’s current status as a cultural corridor is due in no small part to Hoch’s leadership of the Hennepin Theatre Trust from its 2000 founding to this past February, when he stepped down.

” Hennepin has its lovers and its haters, and it’s the site of some of the city’s most visible police interactions — especially around bar close, when Hennepin and the parallel First Avenue swarm with revelers.

With policing becoming a central issue in the mayoral campaign, Hoch argues that creative solutions can decrease the need for cops to intervene.