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11 Aug

The parade includes representatives from most of Spain's military units and various military vehicles.

Armed forces' planes perform aerobatics above the parade route and display yellow and red smoke to represent the Spanish flag.

If October 12 falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, many businesses and organizations are also closed on Monday, October 11, or Friday, October 13.

Some people may use the long weekend to take a short vacation in Spain or abroad during these years.

People in the Aragon region in the north-east of Spain also commemorate Our Lady of the Pillar, their patron saint, on October 12.

Hispanic Day is a day off work and an opportunity to spend time quietly at home or in the company of family members and close friends.October 12 is known as Discovery Day in the Bahamas, Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica, Day of the Race in Argentina, Chile and Mexico and the Day of Indigenous Resistance in Venezuela.The second Monday of October is Columbus Day in the United States.Public life is generally quiet and many businesses and other organizations are closed.Many stores are closed but some bakers and food stores may be open.