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15 Apr

"I have stable housing, I have an advanced diploma in event management. I love what I do.""It’s not until after you get stable housing that you can flourish.

A homeless man who rushed to help the injured and dying following the Manchester bomb blast says 'I'm not a hero, just a person.'Rough sleeper Stephen Jones revealed how he pulled nails out of a little girl's face after terrorist Salman Abedi killed 22 people and injured 119 when he detonated a nail bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

and yes, I'm meeting somebody today for a restaurant interview.'Before adding, 'I'm really pleased…

I saw people stepping over children that night, stepping over them to get away and leaving children, and to me that wasn't the right thing to be done.'When asked about recent job offers and the help he is now receiving from the public after his good deed, Stephen said: 'While I've been waiting here, I've had people stop to shake my hand… So compared to being sat there and no one takes any notice of you, it's weird, it's different…The Government has announced extra funding to respond to the rise.But Jenny Smith from the Council to Homeless Persons said rough sleepers represented only about 5 per cent of people experiencing homelessness."As we go about our business we are going past people who are sleeping in the backs of cars, living in caravan parks, couch surfing with acquaintances, in a range of very temporary overnight arrangements without a place to call home," Ms Smith said."I work quite near here, I wouldn't have known that for three months Jody was sleeping in a car 100 metres from where I work."And so this app is an opportunity, I think, to let people know what homelessness is."Ms Smith said the dating app was an unconventional way of reaching an audience which may not be engaged with other media.If you’ve got 2000 people every night sleeping in rooming houses, people walking down the street every day will not be aware that they’re there." It might be an alleyway where someone slept in a car, or a building where a temporary crisis room is set up.While positive about the app's chances of spreading awareness, Smith is worried about the uncertain fate of homelessness funding.