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25 Oct

to making many new friends and having some good times." he said Pa.'-cnls said they were excited that their children were attending Brandeis. "It's very exciting to know that she's going to be at Bran.icis, but at the same time it's very (hard) to know that she's going to leave home," she said After the students moved in, the Orientation *91 programming began with a barbecue and AIDE group meetings.Volunteer Coor- dinator Abby Loss *92 said Fri- day."Some dorms are more easily accessible from the road, which makes carry- ing stuff to the dorms easier," sp)e- cial volunteer David Cohen '94 said as he directed cars in T-Lot. 9, 1 ending what pro- fessors said was I a passionate and talented career! "She was one of the warmest and most generous human beings I have ever met." said Professor John Bush Jones (THA), Scharf 's advisor.Cohen added that the positive attitudes of the parents and new students helped make the move Scharf '91 Dies in Fort Lee, N. By EV.\N BERLAND A IQ'^l Theater Arts graduate died earlier this month at her home in Fort Lee. "Her's was a mighty talent, full of depth and sensitivity." "I miss her very much." said Brian Crawford '91. "She was a ver' strong and pas- sionate individiinl who thought a lot about life, and it was very important for her to reach out to people and make sure their days scharf Vl into the dormitories easy for the volunteers and students.In tr^'ing to get student opinion, we lose people in the process.We have to develop new ways to get hard-core information to be able to imple- ment our programs," he said The senate has been developing a Student Strategic Report to be presented to newly appointed Brandies President Samuel Thier at the end of the fall semester.The highlight of the day's events was a keynote speech given by Elizabeth Ahn Toupin, dean of Undergraduate Education at Tufts University.Toupin addressed concerns that minority students might encounter in their academic careers at Brandeis. It's important not to let other people define who you arc Please see Police, page 13 p Uase see Minority, page 13 Options 1-3 on a touch tone phone contain a synopsis of what happened on each shift in a 24- hour period. This service is the result of a state law passed July 9 as an amendment to the Massachusetts General which gives any- body the right to have access to police logs.

"Students have grown apathetic to dorm raps and surveys.t^RCi- ilw liuici H'iidciii Snulciii W'usixipcr of Hnnidcis University Sunny Day Greets 750 First- Years Tiiesday, August 27, 1991 'Student Stndta Praikldnf Od^kl wwser *92 on th© Student S#note Volume XLV, Number 1 By ILENE ROSENBERG Students and parents sat in and on lop of cars under warm, sunny skies in T-Lot Sunday mcrninf , excitedly and nervously awaiting the first pan of the college experi- ence — moving in "It's definitely cool. From what I hear, it's a blast." Orientation volunteers stationed in ihc parking lot directed students and parents to the dormitories, where other volunteers were ready to help unload cars and move belongings into the new homes.It's better than I expected." Manny Comras of Falls Church, Va. As they waited in T-Lot, stu- dents and parents were encour- aged to tune into the campus radio station, WBRS.In addition to old favorites, such as Play Fair and the "Sum- mer Time, Anytime Dance Under the Stars," the first-year students will be treated to a comedy night, a hypnotist, and trips off campus.The Orientation '91 Core Com- mittee chose "Achieving a Perfect Please see Core, page 13 Davidson '94 Killed in N. Crash T By EVAN BERLAND A first-year varsity soccer play- er died in early June when the car in which he was riding plummet- ed down an embankment. Davidson '94 died instantly on June 2 after being partially thrown from a car when it went off Rte. H , overturned and plunged down /)^^,-^^„ y^ an embankment, according to Raymond police.