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09 Jul

A publicist, with whom I have a cordial relationship, called my cell phone to follow up on an "exclusive" bit of press that she was eager to have me pitch to one of the outlets where I frequently contribute. As a journalist, I know that picking up the phone is often the only way to get to people.

But there was no way she was going to get the story placed. Typically, I would have left it at, "I don't think this story works for me," but given the circumstances—dialing up my personal number at that one moment during the week when people are collectively trying to blow off steam—I flat-out asked her not to call me again. In fact, I conduct several phone interviews a day (albeit scheduled ones).

If my mom or another member of my family calls on a weekday, I immediately assume someone is in the hospital or dead.

One aunt in particular always seems to be the one tasked with delivering the bad news to those of us who live out of town.

Not a lot, but it's the first time that number has dropped.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / 15 Questions You Can Ask A Girl And Make Her Get In The Mood (129834 Views) This Is What Happens Sometimes When You Stop A Girl And Ask For Her Number / When You Girlfriend Says She Is Not In The Mood But Sleeps Like Dis / How To Get Your Girlfriend In The Mood In 30 Seconds (1) (2) (3) (4) 15. This question is the perfect way to know ifit’s the right timing. It’s not like she canarouse herself in front of her friends, muchless her parents (OH DEAR GOD). This is safe, but will definitely startto stir things up a little.11. This is a cunning question, but funny at thesame time.If shesays yes however, say something that’skinda sensitive and sappy, like “I wish Iwas there”. HAVE YOU TRIED MAKING OUTWITH SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOUWERE Hot? This is a way for you to find out if she’sone heck of a passionate woman and willsuccumb to the heat of the moment. Although a cliché, this willdefinitely make her think about yourpackage, in a less obvious kind of way.It gives me a minute to think about what I need to say and accomplish on the call."In her personal life, Mazur takes a similar approach."Now that I'm thinking about it, outside of work, I only really like talking on the phone to people who I had relationships with before e-mail and texting were such a thing," she says.