Incel dating

26 Nov

Actually, all I did was beg her for sex a couple of times I was very, very frustrated and sex starved. If your needs werent being satisfied by those around you and the society you live in you should kill yourself, if not take somebody responsible for it with you. The moment youre staying alive to appease other people, youre dead already. [Involuntarily celibate men are worse off than female rape victims!I did not want to have sex with her any other time than those few times nor do I want to now. Their only sensible solution is to either find me a girlfriend or lock me up forever and keep me in highest security department to prevent me from killing somebody because I know I will never get out anyway. ] I believe that among the same number of very long incel men and raped women incel men will suffer more not that much more but they will suffer more.So I'm hanging out on an anonymous forum, the purpose of which is to find weird things on the internet to point fingers at so we can laugh, and someone has dug up this turd-nugget.

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My gut feeling is that y'all are being too hopeful for calling troll on this. When you admit to begging your mother for sex not to mention calling her a whore when she doesnt comply youve gone far beyond an average MRAs sense of entitlement; youve hit Time Cube Guy-level insanity. but its not going to cause me to proposition relatives, suggest that i be guaranteed sex, or insist i'll snap if i dont get laid.Well, at least for this gentleman in particular, I’d say the biggest problem is that he’s utterly certifiable.When you admit to begging your mother for sex — not to mention calling her a whore when she doesn’t comply — you’ve gone far beyond an average MRA’s sense of entitlement; you’ve hit Time Cube Guy-level insanity. I am happy to give them advice on what women are actually looking for and things they can do to improve their chances of getting a date and even developing a relationship.After that, in a state of dissaray and extreme rage I posted one fucking picture of her face, without her name, not expecting her to contact me ever again.But she called and offered sex to take it down and I caved in like a little desperate pussy I am, agreeing that she will come for one hour only and that there will be no kissing or oral. There's a lot of stuff I didn't quote -- like how he desperately wants to fuck women, but any woman who won't fuck him (the nerve of her! Also, it's the government's job to get him laid, god forbid he should work on that himself.