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30 Sep

Then, 12 minutes after the execution began, he was pronounced dead.

Florida resumed executions in August after making changes to its death penalty sentencing law. Supreme Court had previously found that Florida's old sentencing law, which did not require unanimity, to be unconstitutional.

Hannon, 53, is scheduled to be executed Wednesday, Nov. Hannon is the third Florida inmate to be executed since August.

The state resumed executions in August following changes made to its death penalty sentencing law, which now requires a unanimous jury vote for a death sentence.

Therefore, before applying any of these methods to actual case work the author conducted an independent evaluation of the reliability of the R-Ratio, Percent Extraction, Dye-Ratio and Accelerated Aging techniques for estimating the age of writing ink on documents.

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Pvc Ratio Method A dye ratio comparison is done using the following steps: 1.

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This undated photo made available by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows Patrick Hannon under arrest.

Hannon's lawyers had earlier requested a halt to the execution plan before the Florida Supreme Court, but that was denied.

Hannon had asked for a new sentencing phase, citing recent changes to Florida's death sentencing system.